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5 Financial Habits that will make you richer !!

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5 Financial Habits that Will Make You Richer. Find out how much is my house worth ? You don’t have to win the lottery to get wealthier. Anyone, on virtually any income, can simply adopt these habits: 1. Save a little from each paycheck. Tucking away just 5% of your income can build up your savings substantially over time. 2. Use coupons. 82% of consumer goods companies issue coupons, yet ...Read More

By: Aman Singh

Why Its Important to have an Expert By Your Side ?

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Click Here To Find - Homes For Sale In Brampton Imagine you’ve volunteered to organize a convention for a local group. If that’s something you’ve never done before, how would you feel? Chances are, overwhelmed! You may not be sure what to do, and you may not know how to avoid all the typical mistakes inexperienced organizers make. While I’m sure you would get it done, it ...Read More

By: Aman Singh

Going “Green” in Your Garden or Flower Bed .

Tags: Home Garden, How to improve your Garden ?

  There has been a lot of emphasis lately on the importance of “going green”. That simply means being environmentally-responsible. You likely already recycle, use energy-efficient lights, and turn down your thermostat when no one is home. Happy Sold Client Testimonial Video Yet, most of us don’t think about the garden or flower bed when we “think green”. Homes ...Read More

By: Aman Singh

Handling a New Home Problem on Moving Day ?

Tags: Buy a new home, Buying New Home, New Home, House from Builders, New Homes, New Houses, Buy a New House

Imagine buying a product from a store, taking it home, and then discovering there’s a problem with it. Disappointing, yes, but not a catastrophe. You can simply take it back for repair or exchange. But, what if it’s moving day, and you discover there’s a problem with your new home? Whoa. A house isn’t so easily returned! What are the most common problems encountered on mov...Read More

By: Aman Singh

What Do Interior Designers Do ?

Tags: Interior Designs, Home Interiors

If you want to transform a room into something that’s functional, beautiful and perfectly matched to your taste, then you might want to hire an interior designer. It’s an interior designer’s job to come up with imaginative ideas that will wow you. It’s a myth that interior designers just deal with paint colours, décor and furnishings. In fact, according to the Inte...Read More

By: Aman Singh

 Painting Techniques that Bring a Hallway to Life.

Tags: House Decorating Techniques, House Painting, Selling Tips

Some people don’t give hallways much thought when painting and decorating. Instead, they focus on rooms. The fact is, a great looking hallway can have the same, if not more, impact than the most eye-catching family room or bedroom, especially when you need to go through the hallway to get there! Here are some painting tips that can bring a dull hallway to life: • Paint the hallway th...Read More

By: Aman Singh

No Homes for Sale in the Area You Like? Here’s What to Do...

Tags: House on Sale, Selling Tips, Selling Guidelines, How to find a house

Imagine there’s a neighbourhood you’d love to live in someday, but, every time you drive through, you rarely, if ever, see a For Sale sign. It’s as if homes get gobbled up by buyers the moment they get listed. It’s true, properties do tend to sell quickly in desirable, in-demand neighbourhoods. Does that mean you’re destined to either hope for a lucky break or miss o...Read More

By: Aman Singh

This Simple Question Can Save You a Lot of Money .

Tags: Home Buyer, Home Inspection

  Imagine this scenario... You purchase a new home and move in. A few weeks later, you hear a strange rumbling sound. It’s the furnace. It’s only a year old, yet it’s sputtering like it’s twenty. You realize you’ll have to call in an HVAC contractor to get it fixed. You’re thinking, “Ouch! This is going to be expensive. ” Well, maybe not. Y...Read More

By: Aman Singh

BBQ Safety Tips You Should Know !

Tags: Tips for BBQ

According to a recent study, the average homeowner pays more attention to kitchen stove safety than they do BBQ safety. But, the fact is, a BBQ mishap can be just as devastating. So, it pays to know the latest safety tips • Keep BBQs at least 8 feet away from your house. • Check for venture tube blockages regularly. (Spiders are notorious for spinning webs in there.) • Clean the gri...Read More

By: Aman Singh

3 Reasons to Talk to a Realtor Today

Tags: Why Real Estate Agent , Aman Singh Local Realtor, Brampton Real Estate agent, Best Realtor in Brampton

You might naturally assume that it is most important to talk to a Realtor when you’re selling or buying a home. But there are many other circumstances in which it makes sense to give me a call. Here are a few examples. 1. When you’re at the “thinking about it” stage If you’re just thinking about selling your home, and haven’t made a firm decision yet, you might...Read More